It is not uncommon for our clients to feel self-conscious and hesitant when we begin working together. They will often say “I’m sure this is probably the worst that you’ve seen….” or “I’m so embarrassed by….”. We want our clients to know from the start that they have no reason to feel like this. Life happens and everyone is doing the best that they can to keep moving forward. Some areas of your life may have gotten a little out of control … but it’s fixable and it’s doable.

One of the biggest reasons behind our success at D+C is that we strive to create an environment for our clients which is free of judgment, respects their integrity as individuals and protects their privacy. This is the only way that you will feel comfortable and safe during our time together and really be able to accomplish the work you are setting out to do.

When we are invited into your home we will always be cognizant of your comfort level and follow your lead regarding what personal information is shared and discussed. As our client, you can be confident that any information which is shared or learned during sessions will never be discussed outside of our time together.