Our Approach

Creating a Custom Organizing Strategy for You

One of the most interesting things that I’ve observed over the years in regards to disorganization is that there are two main reasons that individuals need to be organized.

The first reason is that some people internally feel like their external environment looks. This means that if there is a lot of clutter in their space and things are in a general disarray, they will have an actual physical reaction when they are in the space. They will feel overwhelmed, drained and anxious and have trouble focusing and working on the task at hand.

However for others, this same clutter and collection of piles doesn’t really bother them tremendously. They need to be organized in order to move through their day with ease – to find what they are looking for, to be on time for appointments and meetings, and to make sure that nothing is falling through the cracks.

I’m sure that over the years you have heard many references to people being either “left brained” (LB) or “right brained” (RB) … generally in the context of your logical side vs. your creative side. When it comes to the need for being organized, it is those who are left-brained that fall into the first group above and the right-brained people who make up the second group.

Everyone has a dominant side that they naturally approach life from and this generally influences how you process information, how you react to situations and how you set things up in your life so that they work comfortably for you. While everyone does use both sides of their brain, you will fall back to using your dominant side when what you are trying to accomplish is new, difficult or stressful. For many, organizing is difficult … and stressful.

When creating an organizing strategy for you we always factor in your naturally dominant side so that both the process and the results are tailored to how you function in your space. Here are a few other benefits of our unique approach:

  • It will help you to create an environment that is comfortable for you! If you are LB, living in a space that is neat, tidy and organized will bring you serenity and joy. However if you are RB, this very same space will feel too sterile and leave you feeling stifled and overwhelmed.
  • It’s about creating your environment to suit how you live, rather than trying to adapt your lifestyle to fit your environment.
  • It will help you to understand and anticipate which tasks will naturally come easy to you and which tasks will feel like a struggle. This will enable you to line up necessary resources before you begin a task that may have the potential to make you feel overwhelmed.
  • It will help to minimize the frustration and sense of failure that follows trying to set up an organizing system that you see recommended (via blog, magazine, home organizing show) only to find that it is too difficult to maintain and it really isn’t practical for how you live.