Our Mission Statement

We make life easier. We empower our clients with organizational tools and strategies to be proactive in their own lives. We do this in a setting that is free of judgment, respectful and encourages them to live and work authentically in their own space.

Disorganization and clutter in your home or office is… stressful, exhausting, overwhelming. Carrying around this weight on a daily basis prevents you from having a sense of control in your life and living with intention and purpose. In working together we can create systems and strategies just for you to help you feel lighter, invigorated, empowered.

While you may feel that you are the only one who struggles with clutter + disorganization, rest assured it is one of the most common and prevalent issues in today’s society. Why??

  • A busy lifestyle that leaves little time to catch your breath let alone get organized
  • Life transitions such as moving, a birth or death, marriage, divorce, right-sizing
  • Not knowing where or how to jump into an organizing project
  • Trying to make old habits and routines work in new circumstances
  • Life challenges that come from an unexpected event that leaves you just doing the best that you can to get through each day

The Cost of Disorganization

Whether it is in your business or home, we all know that there is a price to pay for this disorganization and clutter …


You may be experiencing anything from frustration to self-judgment to a constant sense of being overwhelmed. You may also feel guilt over the fact that you just can't keep up with everything no matter how hard you try.


You find yourself purchasing items that you know you already own but can't locate or you are late for work/appointments because you just can't get out of the door. In your business you may also be losing work because you just can't figure out how to function in an efficient manner or be responsive to your clients.


The embarrassment over the clutter in your life can prevent you from openly sharing your space with others. There is also a certain level of stress in your life as you work hard to present an organized image to friends/co-workers but know that behind the curtain everything is a mess.


We truly believe that everyone has the ability to be organized – it just happens to look different for each person. This is why we use our unique approach of factoring in your personal working and learning styles to create organizing strategies that are designed for you.

One of the big factors we take into consideration when determining how to best work with you is your natural brain dominance. Everyone has a dominant side of their brain that they naturally approach life from. This generally influences how you process information, how you react in situations and how you set your life up to be comfortable for you.

Left Brain - analytical, logical, detail oriented
Right Brain - creative, big picture thinkers, action-oriented

Obviously everyone uses both sides of their brain, but you will fall back to using your dominant side when what you are trying to accomplish is difficult or stressful. And for many, organizing is both of these. Since 2008 D+C Organizers have helped our clients to remove the difficulty and stress related to organizing by defining and implementing the style of organizing that works best for them for where they are in their lives.

About Kristin Van Dusen

For me, the best part of my job – without question – is my clients. You can’t even imagine all of the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to meet, work with and become part of their lives…”

I strive to help clients to define and implement the level and style of organizing that works best for them for where they are in their life. My approach is to design custom organizing strategies that are based on your innate learning and working styles so that the solution will work with your natural tendencies. The beauty of this methodology is that it is applicable to so many different situations, both in families and professional life.

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