Before and After

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  • Work station after1
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Closet Design and Installation

Problem: As is the case with many of the older, historic homes in our area, this client was lacking a large master closet. They had been using a smaller bedroom with make-shift storage pieces to accommodate all of their clothing, shoes, accessories and bathroom supplies.

Design: To determine their exact storage needs we took a full inventory of all of their belongings and custom designed a closet system for them. Not only were we able to accommodate everything with room to spare, but we were even able to create a little work nook for an at home business.

Closet design and installation: √ Conquered!


Home Office

Problem: With three kids, two working parents and a crazy schedule, over the years this home office had become a dumping ground for papers, projects, memorabilia and supplies.

Design: After sorting, purging and organizing the office contents, zones were created on the bookshelf for easy maintenance. Memorabilia in individual cases, supplies in multiple, clear boxes and a series of open, labeled file boxes so that incoming papers can easily be tossed in and given an immediate home.

Home Office : √ Conquered!



Problem: An accumulation of kids toys, household and yard tools, and boxes of stored “who knows what’s in there…” left this garage cluttered and non-functional for all family members.

Design: We emptied the contents of the entire garage so we could start with a fresh and clean space. This also made it easier to see how many duplicate items we had and which things could be purged. We then created zones (landscaping, kids, tools, etc.) around the perimeter of the garage, freeing up the center to finally accommodate a vehicle!

Garage: √ Conquered!


Gift Closet

Problem: Although it was great to have a dedicated space for gifts to be given and all gift wrap, the lack of storage made this closet a challenge to use.

Design: After maximizing the space in this closet by installing a series of shelves and baskets, this became a very user-friendly area. The owner can now quickly locate gifts for any given age range and pull appropriate wrapping for any occasion.

Gift Closet: √ Conquered!


Master Closet

Problem: While this master closet had adequate hanging and shelf space, it wasn’t being used efficiently. Clothes were jammed in and when no more could fit, it became easier to just pile them on the floor.

Design: After sorting through all of the clothing in the closet (and finding many duplicate pieces because the original couldn’t be found!) we switched the layout of the hanging clothes. We added another shelf to the top of the unit for shoes and moved the hanging pants above the hanging tops.

Master closet: √ Conquered!


Master Bedroom

Problem: When you have a large space, you tend to fill it. This large master bedroom became home for many projects (scrapbooking, hobbies, etc.) and soon overtook the room. The owner wanted to reclaim the bedroom and freshen up the space.

Design: After sorting through all of the non-essential items in the bedroom and creating homes for them in other parts of the house, we moved in some furniture from other rooms to create a peaceful sanctuary. Without the stress of looking at unfinished projects at bedtime, the owner finds it much easier to gear down and go to sleep at night.

Master bedroom: √ Conquered!