Summer! For some families school has already ended and summer has officially begun … for others, the final stretch is this week. Either way everyone is super excited and ready to get their fun on. While I was participating in one of my weekly Pinterest Time Suck Sessions I found some ideas that I thought I would share to help make your summer months a time to look forward to. Enjoy!

How great is this summer to-do list?! I love how just by looking at it you get excited for all the fun your family is going to have in the upcoming months. Follow the link through to the blog “Achieving Creative Order” and you’ll find a template to make your own bucket list!


Aaahhh … family vacation! Here’s a link to all things vacation for your family … places to go, mini-trips to take, advice and a few odd family photos.


Once the excitement of being out of school has worn off it’s inevitable that you will hear the infamous “I’m booored” whine – usually accompanied by the “There’s nothing to do!” complaint.  Better have some arts and crafts supplies stashed away and a few good activities up your sleeve.   Pinterest has lots of great ideas but I love these cute corner bookmarks.  Bonus – they may help to make summer reading more fun!

It’s summer and chances are that you’ll have some rainy days when you’re stuck indoors.  Admit it though – aren’t those the best when you can curl up on the sofa for a mid-day family movie?  A few of those every now and then are awesome, but when enough is enough check out these rainy day activities…  



So I wanted to give you a good link for family photos – after all summer is prime photo snapping season and Pinterest is known for having really cute ideas.   And then I saw this.  And couldn’t help myself. (Really, family from Pooh Corner, I’m laughing with you….).   Sorry for getting side-tracked but … wow.   Obviously this is a page you may want to check out just for the humor factor.





Summer=Grilling!!  Enough said.

Hope you’re all looking forward to your summer and can use some of these fun tips.   Be sure to follow us through the summer months as we continue to share more organizational tips that help to make your life a little easier!