Our D+C reader is stumped by the state of her car … and rightly so! She is part of the mobile workforce so she works from her car, transports large items for work, always has a change of clothes/multiple pairs of shoes for evening work events and travels for fun on the week-ends. Girlfriend, multi-purpose storage is your best friend! Invest in a trunk organizer with compartments to keep everything together yet separated(this one even has a cooler section).

Get yourself a mobile filing system for all of your work related stuff … files, notebooks, open projects, action items, and so on.Pop these items in and out as you need them when you come and go from your office. No matter where you are, whatever you need will be at your fingertips.

Next, buy one of these inexpensive hangers to keep all of your hanging clothes looking wrinkle-free and fabulous. For how much time you spend in your car you deserve to create a space that you enjoy being in and works for you!