Strategies + Solutions

Who doesn’t have clutter?
Where did it come from and what do we do with it??

There are many common sources of clutter and disorganization in our lives. While you may feel that you are the only one who struggles to control it, rest assured it is one of the most prevalent and common problems in today’s society. Why??

  • Never learning basic organizing or maintenance skills and not knowing where or how to jump into an organizing project
  • Trying to make old habits and routines work in new circumstances
  • A busy lifestyle that leaves little time to catch your breath let alone get organized
  • Life challenges that come from an unexpected event that leaves you treading water and just doing the best that you can to get through each day
  • Life transitions such as moving, a birth or death, marriage, divorce, right-sizing

Design+Conquer is committed to providing a personalized and comprehensive experience that includes:

  • Plan Assessment – examining your space and systems to determine why they are not working as well as how they got to their current state
  • Plan Development – working with you to visualize and verbalize an end goal. This stage also includes assessing your personal working and learning styles to be incorporated into the overall design of the plan
  • Plan Execution and Refinement – we will work together towards your organizational goal(s) and we will fine tune your plan as needed
  • Maintenance – we will develop an accountability plan to help ensure that you have made the systems your own and that they will continue to work for you after our time together is done

At Design+Conquer we have been fortunate over the years to work on many spaces and provide many services in both the home and office setting. These include:

  • Space Management – closets, kitchens, home, office, garage, bedrooms
  • Relocation and Moving Support – both pre and post move
  • Time Management – habit creation, family management, task management and workflow
  • Working with Kids – working side by side with kids to help them learn the hands on process of organizing
  • Professional Solutions – making your workspace function for how you work