Kristin Van Dusen

“For me, the best part of my job – without question – is my clients. You can’t even imagine all of the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to meet, work with and become part of their lives…”

I strive to help clients to define and implement the level and style of organizing that works best for them for where they are in their life. My approach is to design custom organizing strategies that are based on your innate learning and working styles so that the solution will work with your natural tendencies. The beauty of this methodology is that it is applicable to so many different situations, both in families and professional life.


  • Busy moms with young kids
  • Single parents working double time to keep things moving
  • Couples expecting a new addition to the family
  • Families who have just moved and want “home” set up as quickly as possible
  • Kids who would learn the organizing process better from an objective third party
  • Families downsizing an aging parent and getting a hold of years of “stuff”


  • Organized, capable individuals who don’t want to spend what little free time they have on organizing
  • Professionals who need a more efficient work space in their office
  • Professionals who work from home or are part of the mobile workforce
  • Dual income families who have little down time at home

To be honest, when I set out on my career path years ago I never thought that I would find myself owning a company that was based on one of my passions and natural skills. After earning my Master’s Degree and working for years in a traditional professional environment, my husband and I were blessed (in a short period of time!) with our 3 kids. Talk about “living in abundance” … years that were filled with all of the good times, craziness, and challenges that life brings. It was in that time that I re-evaluated my professional life. I wanted to contribute to my community through the time I spent at work. So in 2008 I opened my first Professional Organizing firm … it was amazing!

So here I am now … blessed by all of those who have trusted me to become a part of their lives and so looking forward to all those that I will meet. I truly believe that once you “Clear the Outer” and “Calm the Inner” … your life changes for the better!