17 Jun 2013
June 17, 2013

Gorgeous chunks of time!

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School is out and I am exhausted. Mentally and physically. The final week felt like running a sprint at the end of a marathon. Make that an ultra marathon, entirely uphill, with an armful of bricks.
Let the lazy, hazy days of summer begin!
No wait. Hazy, yes. Lazy, never.
I have a color-coded family calendar on my computer. Early June looks like a crazed kaleidoscope of overlapping activities and never-ending lists. A dizzying rainbow of nonstop juggling. 
In comparison, the end of June is a vast sea of serenity. Wide open stretches of nothing. Oh, the gorgeous chunks of time! When I stare at back to back empty days, I imagine the projects possible with several hours of uninterrupted, focused work.
There are things to paint. Old, tired things. Look out sad patio furniture. I’m seriously considering aubergine.
There are wardrobes to purge. Goodwill, you are getting many bags. When the temperatures are suffocating, it’s easier to strip down – your stuff, that is. Clutter-induced claustrophobia is heightened in the heat, creating an easier environment to let goods go. (Entirely made-up and unproven theory that seems like it’s probably right.) 
I have a garden that needs love before it grows wildly out of control (you do not want cantaloupe creeping down the driveway)… plans for new shelving in the basement (dream BIG!)… and a fairly fancy block of knives that were last sharpened a year before never.
Of course, chunks of time mean the older girls are at camp all day. I was feeling guilty about over-scheduling their vacation, until I remembered that when we have nothing planned, it takes about five micro-seconds for one or both to become desperately bored.
“I need something to do. Give me something to do. And don’t say read a book.” 
“But a book can take you anywhere!”
“Can it take me to Wawa because I want a milkshake and a scratch off?”
Yes, the camp guilt is gone. A few weeks designated to outdoor sports, cool pool dips, fun with friends and zero required reading is hardly torture.
So that leaves me at home with a napping toddler (who sleeps through leaf blowers under her window) and lots of satisfying tasks to tackle. Add a “may not be suitable for a younger audience” true crime show and my world is near perfect.
Happy Summer!

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