Spring is a wonderful time … the weather warms up, flowers bloom, baseball and lacrosse are in full swing and grilling season is back!  Just as we’re getting into the swing of The Good Life we find ourselves looking at end-of-year parties at school, checking expiration dates on sunscreen (you’re doing that, right?) and.. read more →

11 May 2013
May 11, 2013

Just say thanks for everything

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Truly, all the time is time to appreciate mothers, but I guess an official holiday keeps the pipe cleaner industry afloat. Some of a mother’s work is obvious. Many mothers, including myself, do the bulk of the shopping, the laundry, make the beds and pack the lunches. If asked to generate a list, these are the tasks.. read more →

Often when I work with a client in their closet their motivation for calling me is that they can’t seem to find anything to wear. They keep wearing the same things over and over despite the fact that their closets are often filled with clothing. They need someone to help them sort through it all.. read more →

Our D+C reader is stumped by the state of her car … and rightly so! She is part of the mobile workforce so she works from her car, transports large items for work, always has a change of clothes/multiple pairs of shoes for evening work events and travels for fun on the week-ends. Girlfriend, multi-purpose.. read more →